ChristianHands,Catholic"Compassion"MyMuslimWraith (delaymyheart) wrote in fxckyoucrew,

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Never miss out my niggas.. for the fuck you crew

I woke up early to kiss away the morning. I don't plan on ever fucking missing a sunrise this whole entire winter. The weather outside was perfect... FUCKING perfect. If the weather was fuckable i would fuck the living love out of it. I got home and i swept the leaves in the backyard to the chill of the wind. Dad was awake watching tv in his bed, i could see through the window. Mom was writing her morning emails to the psycho puertorican island dicks. And on another note... my van... the blue band van.. its name is "quiet" cause well yea i aint got a fucking stereo in it. But ahem... that van sucks my puertorican white asshole during the summer.. however when winter comes and even fall.. man that van kicks so much ass. The fuckign weather makes a damn difference... enjoy it while you can.

and if you aint fucking you aint in dis crew
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